About Me

Hey there! My name is Rachel and I am most likely typing this with one hand... I am a 23 year old blogger who also possess a raging bleeding heart for all things unloved. I'm forever in the mood to adopt something and love it back to life be that a child, an animal, or even an inanimate object like a book. I am a Wife and Mama, and when I'm not wearing those hats, I work in a tax and accounting firm. My Husband has dubbed me an Aquarist, but in layman's terms I enjoy keeping aquariums and fish! I am a clean/neat freak, but when I'm not organizing I love going for long walks in the park or reading at the library. 

This is my Husband, Alex!
When he isn't saving me from myself, you can find him long boarding huge hills at the nearby parks, planning our next family vacation {he's got some amazing goals for us in the next couple of years!!}, or playing with our son. He is the primary breakfast chef in the family since I'm not a morning person, and he does a great impression of Jerry Seinfeld.

Noah, {alias "Cub"} turned our dynamic duo into a terrific trio in June 2016! I know that every mom says it, but my kid is AMAZING! He's the easiest baby, whether he's teething or stuck in the car for 15 hours on a road trip, or flying through the sky on another adventure! He's the sunshine in our lives and he definitely completes our hearts! Cubby, is into everything! He loves to climb up on the tables, move and shake to thebeats, and jabber to you about everything. He's a little too smart for me sometimes, and he always gets out of trouble with those big brown eyes he got from his daddy...

That, along with our rough collie Angel and an ever changing number of fish in my aquariums, completes our tribe! Thank you for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoy following along on our adventures as a young, growing family!  


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