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In between Big Things

It seems as if everyone around me is getting pregnant, getting a puppy, moving somewhere exotic, or just finishing a huge project.

And I'm...not.

I am not doing new things.
I am not going anywhere new.
I am not getting to see new life blossom all around me. 
Right now I'm not doing anything that feels BIG.
And that's ok.

I am living in between Big Things right now. Some days it seems as if I will never do another significant thing again. I will never find my passion and pursue it. But then I snap myself out of my head space and tell myself I'm just in between right now. This is not forever. This is temporary. And let's be real, being in between isn't a bad place to be.

I like being in between the Big Things in my life.
I like the settling in and of planting roots.
I like not being pregnant right now.
I like growing each day with my son.
I like my husband working his 7-5 job.
I like not being in school.
I like my old dog sleeping in her corner of our room.
I lik…

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