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Recent Herbal Book Haul!

So between my mom and our local library I have scored MAJORLY  on some new reading material for my new obsession PLANTS AND HERBS AND FLOWERS AND ALL THINGS GREEN! Yeah the enthusiasm is real over here, people.  Here's what I got!

Family Herbal; a Guide to Living Life with Energy, Health, and Vitality
-- by Rosemary Gladstar This is one of the holistic communities Bible; everyone I know has recommended this book to me and since my Mom had it stashed on her bookshelf I stole it one night after dinner. Still working my way through the beginning chapters, but I can already tell I love how she writes! 
The Backyard Homestead --Carleen Madigan Y'all. The dream is to have a hobby farm. So this book HAD to come home with me! Ok but for real they have a whole section dedicated to culinary herbs and if there's one thing I'd commit heinous, unspeakable crimes for is cream cheese with fresh thyme and rosemary, chives, and minced garlic. I may be the cheapest hit man you'll ever …

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