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Girl, Wash Your Face // Book Review

I stumbled upon this book while at my mom's house one afternoon. Like most of my self help finds, I wasn't really looking to start a new book {I seem to find myself always reading two books at a time, one fiction and one non-fiction...there's just no helping it.} but there it was. A good friend had sent it to her and I skimmed through it noting that all the chapters were addressed to lies that the author believed about herself, such as "The Lie: I'm Not Good Enough", "The Lie: I Should Be Further Along By Now" "The Lie: I'm a Terrible Writer"...etc. So many of these resonated so deep inside me I felt like I had been struck like a Chinese gong.

Yep. That's how I felt. So I announced to my mom that I was stealing yet another book from her and packed it up and took it home.

This girl has got it all! Rachel Hollis created a lifestyle company from the ground up while at the same time plans parties for A-list celebrities. If anyone can p…

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