Chicken Bacon Ranch
So yesterday after an awesome day at home with my family and visiting with one of my mom's good friends, I was elected to make dinner. The trickiest part about making a meal for my family is finding something that is relatively quick and easy and that EVERYONE is going to like {we have multiple picky eaters}. My last head count showed that I would be cooking for my parents, my two brothers and their two guy friends. Lots of men.

This recipe is literally 4 ingredients and so simple....did I mention it was delcious and a huge hit with the guys?! I may or may not have had a victory dance in the kitchen to celebrate afterwards...So I'm going to go ahead and share it with y'all and you're welcome!

Chicken Bacon Ranch Bake

  • 3-4 Chicken Breasts
  • 6-8 Tablespoons Ranch Dressing 
  • 6-8 Slices Bacon
  • 4 ounces Chedder Cheese
  1. Place chicken breast in a baking dish
  2. Spread 1-2 tablespoons of ranch dressing on each chicken breast
  3. Wrap each breast in bacon {*looking back now, I probably should have added more bacon}
  4. Back in oven on 400F  for 25-30 minutes, or until chicken is done
  5. Sprinkle cheese on top and let melt for 3-5 minutes in oven

Finished Product! Special thanks to: Joey, Jack, Fulton, and Chris for being down to taste testers

I also made rice and salad to go with and it was delicious. I had three left over, and I might be hiding those in the fridge for lunch today...Speaking of today, we have been out of eggs for the past few days, but I am finally happy to report that I can jump back on the bandwagon of my "Egg a Day" challenge. I tried mixing it up this morning {can you tell I like trying new reciepes?!} and I made some buttered toast, scrambled some eggs, and sprinkled some cheese on the top from last night and had a breakfast sandwich. I feel so healthy and achieved I think I'll have an extra cup of coffee.

Alright, I hope you all have an amazing Tuesday!
Might have to go make a second...


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