It's the little things!

Isn't it though? It's the little things that either make you exremely glad to be alive or it's the little things that drive you completely insane.

A friend of mine was over the other day and I was showing her some money that I'd brought back from my world wide travels. As I was digging through my drawer and reminiscing about my trip, I ran across a little pocket notebook that had been water stained, crumpled, and to the ordinary person might seem like something I need to 3 point into the nearest trashcan. But inside was a list that I wrote down while I was living in Jamaica. The days there were rainy but also filled with a lots of personal growth for me.

On one of the pages, which are getting harder and harder to turn was written:

My Happiness List
  1. Coconut Water and Pineapples
  2. Cold Showers at the Spring
  3. Lotion
  4. Capturing moments with my camera
  5. Bible studies, early in the morning with coffee!
  6. Playing Card Games
  7. Peanut Butter on my fingers
  8. Back massages
  9. Playing with animals
  10. Reading Books; no TV or Internet
  11. Rose Tea and Mint Tea
  12. Going for Walks
  13. Ear Plugs
  14. Umbrellas
  15. Fresh smelling clothes
  16. Germx
  17. Tutti Fruti
  18. My own seat in the car
  19. Music
  20. Projects
  21. Journaling 
  22. Phone calls
  23. Fleece Blankets
  24. Breakfast
  25. Letters {handwritten}
  26. Inside Jokes
  27. Scandal Marathons with Amy
  28. Naps
  29. Flowers
  30. Workout
  31. Slack lining
  32. Doodling
  33. Spontaneous Dance parties
  34. Working Toilets
  35. Fans
  36. Foot massages
  37. Swimming underwater
  38. Mangoes
  39. Worship Time
  40. Making New Friends
  41. To DO Lists
  42. The Smell of Coffee Grounds
  43. Ketchup
  44. Having my hair played with
  45. Napping Kittens
  46. Truck Rides at Night
  47. Peanuts
  48. Madison's House Salad
  49. Cliff Jumping
  50. Random Adventures
  51. Outhouses
  52. Coffee Dates
  53. Hammocks
  54. My Daddy!
  55. Sudoku Puzzles
  56. Haiku Wars with Penny
  57. Suckers from Belize
  58. Waffle House
  59. Writing Stories
  60. Rain and Storms
  61. Ice Cream
  62. Clouds
Wow. I'm not gonna lie, I had forgotten most of these. But these 62 little things make me happy and today I encourage you to 
find out what makes you happy 
do them 
and repeat daily! 
Have a great Sunday everyone!

PS: one thing that makes me HUGELY happy is that I am 20 weeks today, so we are half way there to kissing my little man! 


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