Minimal Baby Stuff

Sorry I haven't posted much lately! But I've had to fill in extended family members and friends, Doctor appts., and I've been drowning in lists. 

Todo lists.
Insurance lists.
Lists of banks.
Lists of homes for sale in our area.
Lists of Baby names for Cub.

I'm a list person, what can I say? But speaking of I am currently making a list of the bare minimum needed to start life with my baby! Any and all suggestions would be welcome, and I will post my finished list in a later post! Just comment your thoughts below!!


  1. Okay. It shall seem overwhelming, but I promise its not that bad because you are going to register (yes you are lol) and other people will take care of a LOT of this stuff.

    -Rocking Chair/Glider
    -Changing pad/cover
    -Crib Mattress
    -Fitted Sheets
    -Waterproof Mattress
    -Bath seat ( was our favorite)
    -Baby towels
    -Little wash cloths
    -Lotion, baby oil, shampoo, body wash, Desitin (you will probably get a bunch of these in sets at your baby shower)
    -Care kit (nail clippers, brush, nail file, nasal aspirator, etc)
    -Thermometer (the ones that you put on their forehead is a lifesaver)
    -Receiving Blankets
    -Car Seat
    -Swing/Bouncer/RockNPlay (get used tho if you don’t get at your shower. Some babies LOVE them and some babies HATE them so you don’t want to get stuck with an expensive baby item that he wont use)
    -Bottles (Dr Browns are the BEST hands down)
    -Bottle drying rack
    -Brush for cleaning bottles
    -Burp cloths (and LOTS of them lol)
    -Pacifiers (Keep an eye on the age range for the pacifiers tho)
    -Nursing Pillow
    -Baby Monitor
    -Pack n Play
    -Baby Tylenol, Gripe Water (magic in a bottle)
    -Nursing Cover
    -Lanolin Cream
    -Diaper Bag

    Of course, there are things you will need eventually like a highchair, spoons and bowls, toys, teethers, sippy cups, etc.

    The above is just standard stuff. I’m going to tell you some of my favorites now…

    -Medela Sanitizing Bags. Best timesaver and money saver ever.
    -Sound Machine (this is wonderful. It drowns out a lot of noise)
    -Window darkout curtains
    -Dishwasher safe basket for bottles/pump parts/etc

    *Skip the changing table. Seriously. Get a changing PAD and put it on the dresser if you want but 9 times out of ten you will probably change little dude on the floor or the couch or the bed lol
    *Note, a tip I found once and use and LOVE is layer the mattress. Waterproof pad, fitted sheet, water proof pad, fitted sheet. That way when he pees or pukes all over in the middle of the night, all you gotta do is take off one layer and BAM.
    *Note, seriously do not get one of those fancy crib bedding sets. They are expensive, and you can't even put ANYTHING in the crib besides the sheet. Not even bumpers. Super unsafe.
    *Be careful not to stock up on a ton of one brand of diapers. We stocked up on a ton of Huggies and they SUCKED for Jace…so we were stuck with diapers we couldn’t use.
    *You will have to decide if you want to do the pumpkin seat (carrier car seat) or go straight to a convertible car seat. There are pros/cons to both and we can talk about that if you want.
    *Skip the wipe warmer. So dumb. Your baby will live with cool wipes lol
    *Skip the bottle sterilizer. Save money and throw them either in the dishwasher on high or put them in the Medela

  2. I have a Rock N Play, bouncer, nursing pillow, boppy pillow, diaper pail and liners, and more for you tho :P So thats a few bigger things there!


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