Wow! Today was a busy day and now that I'm safely curled up on the couch after a delicious meal of organic mac n cheese, I feel quite accomplished!

This morning started off with two scrambled eggs with cheese which was quite yummy and more importantly, well received by Cub.
Easy, healthy, and delicious! 
Then I ran off to the mall with my mom and little sibilings and found two cute maternity tops and some new nursing bras. I didn't think I would ever be this excited about finding clothes that actually fit me. 

After I got home, I got to go over to my friends house and shoot her sweet little baby for Valentine Day! He's the absolute sweetest and behaved so well, despite the fact that he seemed quite bored by all his props and the fact that Katie and I were singing, dancing and making the weirdest faces. He makes me very excited to have my own little valentine in a few months! 

Enjoy some sneak peeks at Jace's shoot and happy Friday!
Lipstick and Attitude
Ties are funny things
Who couldn't kiss that sweetheart?! 


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