I don't really work out, and by that I mean that I never work out. I do not enjoy it, but I DO enjoy the confidence I get when I do workout.

My weigh in today {after breakfast!} was 123.8 lbs and 1 whole pound belongs to my little bundle of joy. It's still two lbs less than what I weighed before I found out I was pregnant, but I've learned that I don't really care about weight so much anymore has to how I feel and look. I know my bump is still pretty small for 5 months but I feel like I look kind of lumpy and just plain weird. Besides, I feel like I'm always out of breath and I need to improve my balance. So I decided that this month I am going to work on my butt and legs.
I modified and do squats with twists and knee lifts. Yay for Pinterest! 

And so without any further ado, I am going to be starting on a 30 day squat challenge! I did a different one while on my mission trip last year and it really did wonders, so I am excited to see where this one is going to go! I can't promise I won't complain some {a lot!} over the next 29 days so bear with me!

*Notes about my first workout:
So today was the first day and I found myself out of breath and lightheaded by the time I reached 20 squats.  Cub was kicking like crazy and I realized then that I am going to have to learn how to pace myself through this workout and that it's ok to take breaks! I broke it up into 2 sets of 25 squats and my legs are already tired. But tomorrow I am going to promise to go deeper and hold it longer! Happy squatting, people!
My "before" picture


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