What would this blog be if I didn't make a political post?! It seems like everyone is making comments these days about what politicians they like, what politicians they hate. And not a day goes by that doesn't have something in the news about a politicians dirty past coming to light. 
I would hate having my life under the publics eye like that. I am a firm believer that no one except Jesus is perfect. Everyone needs grace. 
But when it comes to electing someone as President of the United States, I do not like any of the candidates. 
So who do I think should be our next commander in chief?
I think we should make a normal, regular everyday, Mom President. She's used to cleaning up everyone else's messes. She can single handedly address every single one of her family members preferences during dinner {most of the time, and if not hey, majority rules}. She know how to listen, she know how to punish, she is willing to sacrifice for the greater good {labor is not a joke, or so I've been told}. Anyways, that is my opinion. And now that I've said it, I'm going to finish drinking my coffee and wonder what I'll make for dinner tonight. Hot dogs sounds good to me and Cub, I'm sure Alex won't have a problem with it, but if he does, the ayes have it and the motion will probably be carried. Happy Wednesday! 


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