This week has been nuts. This morning as I was lazing in bed, I opened my pregnancy app and low and behold I have finished the first week of my 3rd trimester. What?! It's over? I didn't even see it coming and now it's going to absolutely fly by! Our LAST trimester. That's absolutely crazy to think about. So below I have included some of my musings of month 6 and the 2nd trimester in general, grab some coffee and read along to catch up with Cub and I.

Looking back, month 6 {and the 2nd trimester in general} probably will be my favorite month. I ate any and everything in sight, I had more energy {thank you iron supplements} and I had a cute bump that made me look officially pregnant. Also we got down to 100 days in this month {double digits. This is serious people!}. Glucose tests coming back normal. Being 6 months pregnant and still fitting into an x small dress {belonging to my petite mother!!} for Easter?! Can someone say "hallelujah!"? Seriously though, you have no idea what an ego boost that was for me!
Easter Festivities! 
Still no stretch marks which is AWESOME and has me singing the praises of Epionce Skin Care! I still use the Extreme Medical Barrier Cream which I mentioned in an earlier post, and I can't get enough of it. If you use nothing else {like me!} this stuff has your back. I'm seriously so lazy when it comes to skincare but this lotion saves me. This last trimester has me realizing that bikini season is going to be a thing when Cub is born and I don't have time to mess around. So I'm taking it up a notch with Essential Recovery Kit {also from Epionce Skin Care}. I'll definitely be letting you know how it works!

Pickles. Sauerkraut. Those have been in the forefront of my brain this month. I freaking love vinegar based foods but to be fair, I ate everything this month. The other day Mom said, "Remember at the very beginning of your pregnancy when you were so sick and miserable all the time and couldn't keep anything down?" I mean, it's kinda hazy. I'm really enjoying this "eating for two people" thing, and the lack of judgement that comes it...totally cashing in on this. 

It IS getting a little more uncomfortable to find a sleeping position at night as I'm getting bigger {and Cubbers is getting more squirmy} so my best friend is my pregnancy pillow {generously given to me by my friend Katie Gallup!}. I sleep with it every single night and if I don't, I regret it the next morning when I wake up with an aching back and neck. 

Looking at pictures of me before starting month 6, anyone can see that our bouncing little boy is growing a lot this month and that he is getting stronger. It's now his "thing" to kick Daddy's hand off my tummy, and he loves showing off his dance moves {this kid is going to be an Electric Slide fanatic!} Can't wait to see how much more he grows this last trimester! Some big things this month for Cubby are

  • Getting to a whopping 15 inches in length! 
  • Weighing in at 2 lbs. {Alex is so proud of his gains!}
  • Getting all his hair!

I remain firmly convinced that Cub will be the most spoiled little bear in St. Louis, judging from the amount of gifts he's gotten from his grandmas and friends this month! From Cardinals jerseys to calendars to adorable plush elephants, I'll definitely have to show off his cute little gifts in an upcoming blogpost.  

Yeah. Month 6 was definitely one for the books. So many blessings this month! And this next one is going to be crazy since I'm planning a wedding and getting married all within the same month! Let's do it, Cub! Mommy can't wait to meet you! 


  1. You are adorable. I love you and cub so much! You are going to be a phenomenal mommy, Rachel, and I am so excited to be here to watch!

  2. You are adorable. I love you and cub so much! You are going to be a phenomenal mommy, Rachel, and I am so excited to be here to watch!


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