Live Blogging Non-Stress Test

So I'm here at St. Joe's for more non stress testing to see why Cub is measuring in on the tiny side.

10:50 \\ feeling sleepy as I chill out in my recliner. Cub is napping too, haven't felt him wiggle at al really. His heartbeat over the monitor is a steady 140 and its lulling me to sleep. 

10:53 \\ Cubby moved which means I got to punch my blue button. This is as exciting as if gets people. Heart rate has jumped to 150...I think he wants donuts. I want donuts. So maybe we should eat donuts. 

10:59 \\ kinda sounds like hoof beats. Also these belts are itchy. She said I take them home. Where am I going to keep pink and blue Velcro belts. I guess I could wear them regularly and start a new fashion trend. Or nah. How do I wash these? #gross 

11:07 \\ Maria is at Disneyworld according to snapchat and I want to go to Disneyworld again. Blue buttoning lost its charm about 12 minutes ago! 

11:11 \\ wish came true. Bear's heart rate is awesome and now I have an ultrasound! Fifth one this pregnancy! Heyoooo. So sleepy after hearing his heartbeats...gotta remember to keep taking the iron supplements. More in a minute! 

11:19 \\ waiting for my ultrasound. Right ribs are KILLING me. Grace texted though... TWICE! So it's not so bad. 

>> Ultrasound was fine, minus me getting poked wayyyyy too hard by the Tech who wanted to document his movements. #ouch He's weighing in at 4.14 lbs. A little under what the average baby is, but nothing too unhealthy!! So thanks for reading and keep Cubby and I in your prayers! 40 more days! 


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