Tinker Bell is BACK!!

I don't sweat, I sparkle. And right now I am effing Tinker Bell. 

2 months ago on June 24th I was 150 lbs and swimming with my then Bump in an ice cold swimming pool. I was {unknowingly} 2 days away from giving birth to my Heart, Noah. Today, on August 24th, I am 118 lbs., it's 90 degrees, I just ran 2 miles in 26 minutes, and I am sadly no where near a pool. I haven't run in a year. I am pretty sure this is my worst time ever. But at least I'm running. I'm working on strength, and stamina. My breathing SUCKS {thank you, cigarettes from college}. I almost threw up in my neighbor's yard. And I might have cut through my other neighbors yard in order to more effienctly get to the air conditioning. I also might have almost puked on my living room floor where I laid curled up in a tight little ball for a solid 10 minutes. But I'm running. It's my new "me time". And as much as I hate it, I feel better for doing it. My goal: complete a marathon

Ps: I've masterminded a plan to send out forged letters to all my neighbors from the "HOA" stating everyone needs to plant trees in their yards along the street, and to have their sprinklers going FULL BLAST at 3 pm everyday until further notice. 
Shoutout to my main homie for holding/snuggling/cooing at Cubby. You rock and I love you. Also I'm offering 1 day of free babysitting if and when you have your own children. Also thanks for the observation: "You are red all over."


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