Week 7; Superhero Baby

Boy, I am telling you, that first sip of coffee this morning was...absolutely indescribable. I felt it slowly hit my bloodstream and then wake up every single one of my limbs with a beautiful warmth. Noah wriggled closer into my chest making himself more cozy. Thank God and my MIL for my Boba wrap. My Broadway Pandora radio station played in the background, reminding me that "it's just life, so keep dancing throuuuuuuugh!" {Your inability to understand my musical references automatically deducts points from your level of friendship with me.}

Ugh is it Thursday already? I meant to sit down at the beginning of this week and start my schedule that would get me on track with my blogging, working out, reading, prayer life, personal growth, etc. It was a beautiful timetable. It was going to be interwoven with the one I wrote for Noah too, which would include one hour of French dialouge and one hour of Classical music training every day. Husband as well was going to have his own slots for our corresponding gym schedules. It was synchronized. It was lacking nothing. IT WAS COLOR CODED FOR THE LOVE OF THE LAND!!!!!!

Ha. Sitting here this morning {we got the WIFI to work on Alex's computer finally...} like, "Pass another 12 cup pot of coffee"...............

Is anyone else's 7 week old child attempting to climb up their chest while being held? Cause Cubby does. Or are they already scooting across the entire play mat during tummy time? I was warned that Ramshaw babies are quite strong and physically advanced for their ages...Did I listen? Nope. So here I am, mothering a future Superhero, praying that he doesn't start walking {or possibly flying?!} at 9 months like his Aunt Ashley. I'm severely underqualified to raise the next Batman. Therefore I am perrified {a mix of petrified and terrified}.

Oh and Monday we woke up to Puppy unable to walk. A very long day of trying to get her to stand and eat and drink and just even acknowledge us when we walked into the room...ended at the vet's that evening. 1 hour, 1 prescription of antibiotics, and 1 of painkillers, 15 minute car ride home, and Puppy has an inflamed tendon due to a puncture in her left front leg. This of course resulted in a fever for the poor thing and 2 days of recuperation on our bedroom floor. Thankfully she's already back to normal, she just has to be a little more careful when she shakes herself after standing up. On a sweet note, the first night she spent in our room, she would wake up every single time Noah cried and come over and lay at the foot of his bassinet until he went back to sleep. What a cutie I have for a puppy.

Husband is starting to pick up some contracting work on the side too. So guess what? That means I see less of my best friend and more of the bottom my coffee pot. As weird as it sounds, he is actually having so much fun with it, it hardly seems like a job, so I guess that's good? Plus it brings in some great money.

Wow. This week. Nothing really went as I had originally planned it. But tomorrow is Friday. Tonight I am getting some girl time {and some new piercings} while Husband babysits. This week wasn't all bad. Just very caffeinated. Happy Thursday, Mommys. Snuggle your children. Chug your coffee. Smile. Cause someone out there is trying to wrangle their quintuplets out of their carseats and across the parking lot. And if that actually happens to be you: You go girl! We all aspire to be as mentally strong as you are.


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