"Cheese, please!"

Little One loves her cheese sticks. She never says much during her days with us. But she will express a desire for cheese sticks left and right. Little One is such a great mommy to all her dollies. She dresses them and puts them to bed. She dances with them and brushes their hair. She plumps their pillows and tucks them into their blankets. Big sissy cradles her dollies and hums softly as she rocks them to sleep.

Lots of giggles and sniffles.
Some coloring.

Big Sissy loves her Disney songs. No matter what we listen to, I guarantee she knows at least 85% of the words. She loves watching Miss Angel prance around through hoops, doing tricks she learned long ago in her puppyhood.  She loves rubbing her belly and whispering secrets in her floppy ears. I swear the old Collie smiles at her sometimes.

Both girls are princesses. They don't need to be convinced. They know. They are confident in their own self worth. They know they are pretty, even before I tell them they are. What I wouldn't give to be that secure in myself. Again. 

They don't spend hours grieving for attributes they don't have. If I could I would have them always be as they are now. I would have every girl be as confident in her beauty as these toddlers are. I'm thankful to be more assured in myself than most women are today. But I wasn't always. 

These Princesses are teaching me such valuable lessons. Nothing is complicated for them. They simply love and receive love in return. No wonder Christ calls us to be more childlike. He wants us to be carefree and happy. 


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