Noah's First Cold

I feel like this deserves a post partly because I haven't blogged in forever due to the fact that I'm attempting to become a novelist {please don't ask how's it coming, cause it's absolutely awful...Word Counts are in the low thousands...} and partly due to the fact that I've been so busy being a mom and a wife that I haven't had any time to write about it.

So let's try to catch y'all up to speed at where we are at in our lives:

For those of you that read this blog to keep up with my hot husband, since all he does on FB anymore is share political posts or cute animal videos, Alex is working 40 hour weeks at Etrailer as well as putting in time over the weekends at contracting. Seriously doubting that he's ever going to get the paint out of his hair, but whatever...maybe he will be the one to bring frosted tips back {middle school flashbacks}. Definitely still spoiling me rotten, although I've recovered from giving birth roughly 3.5 months ago. 10 pm ice cream cravings? He returns 20 minutes later with a whole gallon of Neapolitan flavored ice cream. We've been trying to "unplug" ourselves more and more. Heaven forbid we become that couple who sits around on their phones and has to text each other even though they are sitting right next to each other. EVEN WORSE is when that couple becomes parents and misses their children growing up before their very eyes...ok rant ended. We decided to play some card games and turns out we are wayyyyyyy too competitive to be married to each other. Alex still goes to the gym fairly regularly. It keeps him happy and out of trouble. I think that's it for him...

Yeah, like I said I've been trying to write a 50,000 word novel in a mere 30 days. It's exhausting, but it's definitely been an adventure. There's no way I'm going to possibly finish on November 30th but I'm determined to continue to work on it. That being said I'm seriously behind on laundry, nursing my sick baby, and I just finished The Woman in Cabin Ten in 3 days. I'm starting on The Best Yes which is a really eye opening read about making wise decisions. That's basically my life in a nutshell: reading, mommying, and laundry. Oh! And I'm working at the barn 3 days a week now. Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. It gives me a nice break from "Mama Mode" and I'm able to clean and get my thoughts in order.

Cub Bear is busy trying to constantly sit up, enjoying his walker, and trying oh so very, very hard to cut his tooth. Little man is exhausting his mama with the movement. He needs to be moving it feels like, twenty-four/seven. We have started baby signing with him and for some unknown reason he thinks the sign for "Daddy" is hilarious. Like fall over backwards, giggling helplessly, hilarious. You will get a more through update about little man on the 26th which is his 5 month birthday! So far he has been absolutely great, despite this stupid little cold. It keeps him very cuddly. We are keeping "On Guard" on his wittle itty bitty feet, but the Smarty decides that now would be the perfect time to learn how to rip off his socks and taste his toesies. Needless to say I'm blogging with one eye on him in his play pen. He's currently acting quite innocent. I refuse to be fooled.

Alright! More Later!!!

Also what is with this gorgeous weather? Isn't next week Thanksgiving? I have yet to wear a heavy coat.  I'm ok with this.


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