7 Months

Goodness freaking gracious. Every month I think,  "Ok, we got time til the next post." and now they are creeping on me like Rambo after he's gone nuts and is taking out all those police officers {still don't understand the gist of that movie}. I want to freeze time right here, right now. He's the perfect cuddling size and he's so active! He's sleeping right now so I'm taking advantage of that and I'm sitting down at my laptop that has a generous amount of coffee smeared across the screen to upload pictures and write about all our going ons this month. If I mis-spell a word it's cause I can really only see half of them due to smudges.

This month, Noah became mobile. I mean he is running every. freaking. where. all, day. {with the help of a walker.} Still has not got the hang of actually crawling, but he is scooching and rolling where he needs to go. As of a week ago, we have a new President of the United States, as of three weeks ago we have a New Year. But with all these changes, we know one thing will never change and that is the love of our Family.

Noah still does not have a lot of hair. And the hair that he does have is a very light blonde. Except one dark patch behind his right ear? I don't know either.....

Sleeping in with Daddy is very important. We do it every single day. Every. Single. Day.
 This month, Noah has taken an active interest in his pets, which means getting properly introduced to his fur sibling, Angel Marie Ramshaw. She took the fur pulling and eye gouging like a champ. We love our Collie!
 Noah wasn't too sure about the buzzer that went off, but Uncle Jack's basketball game was a blast! And we even got to see him make a 3 pointer! Noah is currently practicing his dribbling!
The Princesses came back for a few days this month and Noah was DELIGHTED! He can now properly keep up with them, and they love sharing toys and petting his head {Maybe that's where all the hair is going?!}.
 I did what I wasn't supposed to. I started his food experimentation out with sweet things. BUT HEY ITS AN APPLE LAY OFF! IT'S HEALTHYYYYYY!!!!! Yeah. I bite the apple, he in turn sucks on it. But the downside is I will never again have another peaceful experience eating my favorite fruit...not unlike Eve.

Noah absolutely adores his Pawpaw! They spend a lot of time together, and Pawpaw has taken it on himself to teach Noah the proper form to crawling.
Noah's getting into a new night time with excitement! Mostly cause it involves his two favorite things: Daddy and books
Bubble baths are all the rage lately.
Game days with Aunt Carrie and Nana by the Christmas tree! 
Naps with Pawpaw are Nap buddies. Daily nap buddies.
Cozying up with Wyatt our Cuddle and Kind Doll! Check out this awesome company that does so much to raise awareness for child hunger! 
Matching with Mommy and just living it up!
Noah has been commandeering every single second he can with Uncle Joey before Joey leaves for the US Air Force next month! That includes stealing lots of nap time with him, since he's always exhausted from working out in the morning! 
Sitting in Uncle Joey's Chair!

Noah's Favorite Things this month:

  • Saying good morning to his fishys every day as part of his routine
  • Naps with his snuggly blankies 
  • Bubble baths in Nana's tub 
  • Meeting new people and smiling and flirting with them 
  • Attempting to pull the trash can over! 
Mama's Favorite Things this month:

  • How happy you are to be by yourself in your walker 
  • Your continued love for books, and the way you attack them  
  • The way you have started singing in the car when we are driving down the road 
  • The leaps and bounds that you have grown in your curiosity about EVERYTHING! 
  • Getting my big camera out and documenting your smiles, even though you aren't quite sure what to think of it and the sound it makes. 
Daddy's Favorite Things this month:

  •  How much he growls for his communication
  •  The way he walks/runs in his walker now
  •  He loves cuddling mommy and daddy when he wakes up
  •  Noah's laugh having more personality
  •  He literally eats books and it's hilarious
Alright! So we are heading out tomorrow morning for our first family vacation! Stay tuned for a blog post sharing our adventures!


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