anti-bucket list

I am not like other mommies in where I have an anti-bucket list. It's just like a bucket list...except anti. #overexplainingmuch I saw this word about 4 months ago and thought, "Wow. That's a pretty insane idea." For some people {cough me cough} sometimes it's really hard to identify a clear path of who they are or what they want to be. If you check out my Pinterest board for my house you will see an insane amount of trends and ideas that would most likely clash if I actually decorated it exactly as I pinned. My tastes can change with the wind. I have hard time picking favorites.


I have absolutely no problem finding what I DO NOT like.

  • Shag carpet. Ugh. 

  • Purple velvet couches. Vomit inducing. 

  • Red and orange flower print wallpaper from the 60s and 70s. No, just no.
  • Teal Bathrooms. Why?

And then it hit me. If I make myself an anti-bucket list I will have MUCH clearer vision of what I might want to do with my limited spare time {and possibly farther down make it a career??!?!!?!??!!?!?!!??!?!?!?!}. So without further ado I present my Anti-Bucket List


  1. I never want to leave my child in a foreign country while traveling. 
  2. I don't want my own reality show {although I seriously could with my life}
  3. I do not want to die having not gone back to Jamaica and lived there and photographed it
  4. I do not want to have debt
  5. I never want to have to give a speech in front of the entire World.
  6. I do not want to fall off of the Eiffel Tower
  7. I do not want to raise illiterate children.
  8. I do not want to produce a music CD
  9. I would prefer not to have to murder someone
  10. I do not want to die feeling like I have done nothing to make an impact on the world. 
So yeah. There is my Anti-Bucket list. In all of it's glory. I'm sure there will be {many}  revisions in the coming years, things will be added, events will be deleted. But in a very raw form my actual bucket list is starting to form in and around itself, based off this list. I'm excited for what is to come {or not depending on which list I'm holding}! I'm exhilarated to see where it goes...and consequently me with it! 

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