I joined a Book Club!

That's right! Little, old, introverted me, answered the post of an internet friend/kinda roundabout in-law and I am now in a book club. Needless to say that I was extremely nervous about joining {because I'm introverted, that's why.} but after the first meeting I was so very very relaxed, excited, and {dare I say it?!} rejuvenated about hanging out with these ladies. We talked, read, and prayed and it was exactly what I have been praying for this entire time.

The book that we are reading is Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman and I have a confession to make.

Due to my extreme anxiety and the oppressive need to be on top of everything and as over prepared as possible...I read the entire book.
The week before we were supposed to get together JUST TO MEET UP AND HANG.
Holy hallelujah.
Bless my perfectionistic fear of failure, Lord.

I don't know what exactly I was even suspecting. Like Hope was going to make a pop quiz? I don't know. So I read the whole book. Just to prepare myself. And....I looked up a book study written by the author herself. And I completed all the questions. For each chapter. And then organized them into parts.

I need an intervention. Please and thank you.

Stay tuned for a post about a book haul coming soon!

// Oh! and if you're coming from my Instagram or Twitter links, and you've noticed it looking a little barren on my feed lately, that's because I deleted my apps for a few weeks to better enjoy the little moments of every day! I'll be back soon, just not as frequent as I used to be!


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