rushing onto the next thing

Broken shards of glass of what used to be my beloved coffee pot lay at my feet. I stared unable to comprehend that I had just limited myself to cups of coffee for the day. Noah stared at me unable to comprehend that his Mama had made that huge noise herself.

I bit my tongue trying to choke back all the nasty words that came into mind. I didn't have TIME for this too. My todo list was already half a mile long and no where on it could I find "Clean up broken glass" and "Go to Target for a new Carafe". I groaned. Long and loud and frustratedly.

See I typed that and immediately opened another web browser and started comparing prices for a carafe on amazon versus target. {Note: it doesn't really matter about the price,  more like who can have it here the fastest...} But I would like to point out that I stopped blogging for 2 minutes and now I'm thinking about my Husband's anniversary gift. It's a DIY {kill me} and --

Go back to the top of this post and read the title again. Yep. {Update: I bought a replacement carafe for 25$!! Thank you Amazon!} Sigh. Mentally facepalming because I feel like I have ADD.

How did we get like this?! Do you wanna know how I broke my coffee pot? I'll tell you...Once upon a time a very distracted Mommy was pouring herself a cup of coffee while replying to an email, and thinking about her online shopping, and the Baby Bear was crying because he didn't want to be in his walker. So she was absentmindedly rushing to his rescue, didn't put the pot all the way on the burner and the next thing she knew all hell was breaking out. And there was no more coffee.

Honestly the two and a half minutes I stared stupidly at the puddle of scalding hot caffeine in a pool at my feet was the longest I'd been still all day. And that's sad. It's sad that my brain is always 5 steps ahead of my body, trying desperately to keep pace and keep on top of everything in my life. It sucks that I have a pulling nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach to always be over prepared. No excuses.

Life is messy.
But we clean up the mess because we are mommies.
And it's what we do.

My plans now are strictly to curl up with a book and try not to ruin anything else in the next 90 minutes. Here's to all the mommies running on 1 cup of coffee and loving their messy lives! Every broken shard of it!


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