An Update!

I feel like it's been a super long time since I've given this blog some TLC and attention and for that I apologize. Life can really grab you and shake you up sometimes, and when that happens I have a hard time settling back in and getting my bearings.

Ever since we moved to the new house we have been constantly running around, making our house become our home, or we have been away creating new memories and experiencing new places as a family. As we are nearing the end of our 3 vacations in one month faze I'm finding myself needing to write again, and I've missed my blog!

How have I been?
Nuts. We went to Disney World the week before Christmas and it was absolutely magical!

After celebrating Christmas with our family, Alex and I got away to the lovely town of Colorado Springs for a weekend to attend a dear friend's wedding. We highly reccomend staying at the Kinship Cottage! We booked it for two nights with two of my other girlfriends and everything about the cottage was an absolute dream! The attention to detail was amazing, and we had an awesome time chilling there, catching up with friends, and relaxing.

Now all we have to do is head back to Colorado at the end of January for our annual family Ski Trip and we will have survived all of our adventures.

Mentally I have been a little anxious, but it's getting better, especially when I write things. Journaling has always been a healthy way for me to work through emotions, and helps me to slow down and work through problems that I come across. Today for instance, as I was running around tidying up the house, and clearing out our back bedroom I found myself fighting a tight chest and my heart was racing. So I did what I didn't want to do and that is: plopped Noah down with a snack in front of Little Baby Bum and journaled deeper and through my anxiety. A good 45 minutes later I realized that my mind had calmed, I was no longer making lists in my head and I felt peaceful.

You guys, I have picked up the most outrageous hobby ever and you will laugh when you read this next sentence. I am an aquarist. Trust me, aquarist sounds so much better than "crazy fish lady". Although sometimes my Husband forgets the terminology of my hobby and yells, "IF YOU ARE ON CRAIGSLIST BUYING ANOTHER AQUARIUM I WILL PUT YOU ON THERE YOURSELF FOR ADOPTION, YOU CRAZY FISH LADY!!!!!!!!!!!" .... and then I wait another two hours before I can go buy some new silk plants for Rhaegal's tank without causing another war. He's so freaking spoiled. Call me nuts, but I want more fish. Watching them swim makes me feel peaceful inside, and caring for them is soothing to my forever list making brain. The long term dream is to have one aquarium in every room but we are easing poor Alex into that...
Started from the bottom--

Now we here....

Some New Years Resolutions I have this year are:

  • Learn Portuguese
  • Gain 10-15 lbs of muscle
  • Kick off my Betta Rescue {LAUGH ALL YOU WANT HATERS!}
  • Journal, even if it's just a sentence, every day
  • Finish the Outlander series {my precious, Katie, has been waiting literal years for me to catch up to her!}
  • Recycle as a family
  • Compete in NaNo again because even though I never win it is good for my soul
Let me know what your New Year's Resolutions are!!


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