Happy Gotcha Day, Angel!

Today we celebrate a very special member of our little tribe, who has fuzzy ears, four legs, and very bad breath.

9 years ago, 14 year old me stood staring through a chain link fence at a fuzzy blonde collie. "Sit?" I asked and she sat.
"Shake?" I asked and she stuck her dainty white paw through the kennel.
We fell in love and the rest is history.
When I committed to adopting Angel from our local humane society back then I had no idea that she would be with me throughout all of high school, college, my wedding, and would be currently helping me raise my first child.

For nine years Angel has captivated everyone with her little prancing walk and those floppy ears. She and Noah are the best of buds mainly because Noah shares every piece of food that he gets with her, but also because she has a heart of gold. In nine years I have never seen Angel react aggressively to ANYTHING. Which is great because Noah is still learning to be gentle with animals, and she takes his tough love like a champ.

Some of Angel's favorite things are, napping, tennis balls, going for walks in the neighborhood, and getting her ears scratched. She is laid back, content to lay at my feet while I get work done on my laptop, or she is up to run around the backyard with Noah. She follows me around the house, every second of every day, but if Noah and I are in different rooms, she lays down an equal distance from us both. At night she sleeps on my side of the bed and she wakes up whenever Noah does.  She truly is a great ambassador for the breed and there is nothing about the last nine years that I would change. To learn more about if a rough collie is right for your family and lifestyle check out the AKC Collie page.

Even though Alex and I have agreed that we want to branch out into having other breeds of dogs in the future, I'm pretty positive that I will always have a collie to love on.

If you are in love with the collie breed and are looking to expand your furry family, check out some of the great Collie rescues like Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois or Petfinder or Adopt A Pet to find your fluffy buddy.
Thank you for all your love, sweet Angel! We love you so much and couldn't dream up a better dog to start our little family with.
We are taking her to Petsmart for some extra special treats today and we are going to do pretty much whatever she wants, which luckily guarantees me a nap!!


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