What's in a Name?

He LOVES when Daddy snuggles him

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"...very true Mr. Shakespeare! No matter what Noah was going to end up being named, I knew I would love my little Man Cub from the very start! When Alex and I found out he was a boy {we thought for the LONGEST time he was a girl} I didn't know what to name him...Alex on the other hand was sure.

"I like Noah." He said matter of factly.

I wasn't quite sure if that was THE name. Nothing like fireworks went off in my head when we tried it out, talking to my tummy. I held out stubbornly until the day of his birth, saying we would only call him Noah if he looked like one.

He did/does.

I want all my kids' names to have special meaning and significance in their lives, as well as in ours. Noah was brought into our lives at a very unexpected time, but right from the start my husband was praying that this child would be a source of peace and comfort to us. Interestingly enough "Noah" translated from Hebrew into English means: "rest". My little boy is indeed quite easy to care for and hardly ever makes a fuss about anything. He loves to snuggle his parents and sleep on your chest for hours. Yes. Noah is quite restful.

Sidenote: the day he was born was a BEAUTIFUL June day, sunny and warm...except for when he was actually born. There was a huge storm that poured down rain from the heavens. It was so bad in fact that my grandparents who were on their way to the hospital, had to pull over and wait for the storm to subside so that they could continue driving safely. Coincidence? Maybe...but I think not. I'm pretty sure it was just God's seal of approval over our decision on our son's name.

His middle name "Alexander" is of course taken from his Daddy. Not only do I want Cubby to grow up to mirror Alex in his walk with God and his sweet temperament, but the name "Alexander" means "protector and defender of mankind". Cubby is going to the oldest of {hopefully} a lot of little Bear Cubs for this Ramshaw Tribe. I want him to know that it's his job to take care of his little siblings and to watch over them and keep them from harm if he can, especially any little sisters he has.

So, Noah Alexander Ramshaw seems to fit my little Cub to a T. And even though he's not quite two weeks old, I am already so very, very proud of him.

Mama Bear loves you Noah! xx


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