"Uninvited" // Book Review

Reading this book was the equivalent of climbing a mountain for me. It was rocky and rough. There were parts that I had to read and re-read over and over again because I couldn't even begin to unpack the impact that they had on my heart. Little by little this book chipped away at my "I'm fine, it's ok" mentality and let me reevaluate a lot of what had been allowed to move into the back of my brain and stay there, rent free.

Full of wisdom, Uninvited had me crying minute, and laughing hysterically out loud the next. Lysa has lived so much life, as a Daughter, Wife and Mother and I look up to her in so many areas of my life. She made me see that I am not the only one who has gone through feeling these emotions and feelings.
This book whispered everything to my soul that I didn't know I needed to hear.
It comes highly recommended from me for anyone who has been through the growing up process. You can order it here.

Happy reading!


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